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Whether you need a job or need to hire, you have found the right place. iHireHR is a niche job board dedicated solely to the Human Resources industry; we bring Human Resources jobs and Human Resources job seekers together to make successful employment possible. From hr assistants to administrators to directors and more, you can find a job or fill your opening quickly and easily on iHireHR.

For hiring personnel—business owners, department managers, HR administrators, recruiters or staffing agencies-hiring is most efficient when you target a niche pool of Human Resources job seekers. Don't waste your money posting to the masses. List your openings on iHireHR and find your next great employee quickly and cost-effectively.

Job Seekers

With our iMatch technology, we take the "search" out of your job search. iHireHR gives you a single place to find Human Resources jobs that are posted across the internet. We don't just wait for employers to come to us; we also actively collect online job listings from places like small and large business websites, employment classifieds, government databases, industry associations and more. As a member of iHireHR, you can access all of these jobs in one place so you spend less time searching and more time interviewing.


At iHireHR, we realize that as technology and digital media change at a rate faster than ever, so does the world of job searching and talent sourcing. Our team of talented, dedicated, and excited staff continues to find new and better ways to connect the right person with the perfect job.