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"What a great website! iHireHR is one of the best sites I've visited in the last 29 months! Outstanding ease of movement throughout, couldn't have been easier, thank you iHire!"

Victor R.

Titusville, FL
"This is a great site for applying for job. Try it out. It is simple and has tons of listings. I recommend it."

Michelle M.

Huntersville, NC
"Easy to track where I had applied. Had 2 job interviews with jobs I found on iHire. I just ended up going with a company that approached me through other means. "

Melanie M.

Concord, NH
"iHireHR sent me job posting everyday. "

Oretha B.

Cedar Hill, TX
"Kept me informed of what is out there and what type of jobs ate in demand"

margie V.

Phoenix, AZ
"Kept me in touch with the latest market opportunities."


Sheffield, AL
"Provided me with an opportunity to review open positions."

Middletown, NY
"Thank you so much! I am truly impressed with the new resume and cover letter! Both are wonderful and do an excellent job of articulating my qualifications and experience! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that someone I had never met would be able to "capture" my professional life and personality, but you did so perfectly!"

Jennifer M. - Shrm-Cp

"I submitted my resume to iHireHR and within one week I had an interview with an employer which seems to be a perfect match. Thank you!!!!!"

Barbara J.

Loveland, OH
"Good focus on key skills."

Billy P.

Kaufman, TX
"I found a great job with the Chicago Department of Public Health. I started a little over a month ago and feel that this job opportunity will greatly enhance my career path. Thank you for all your job opportunity offers. I hope never to be without a job again until I finally retire."

Maribel B.

Chicago, IL
"It was a great resource. Thanks for the help."

Rich R.

Wharton, NJ
"One of the best sites for real HR opportunities. I did not receive a long list of job postings that were not even closely related, but instead, received notifications of real opportunities well matched to my experience and desired position. Great value!"

Antoinette N.

Clifton Heights, PA
"Services provided exactly what I needed for my employment search."

Debra D.

Chandler, AZ
"My Resume writer Natalie was terrific and so easy to work with. The first draft was 99% on target. We only had a few single word choices to work through. The whole process was fast, less than a week. THANKS!"

Alwyn K.

Anaheim, CA
"Great tool, easy to use and like how you can track the jobs and your progress in the process - would definitely recommend... "

Debbie - Great tool

"Honestly, the best website job search. You guys were amazing and I'm so grateful ! Thank you all!"

Lb - Best HR Website

"iHireHR saved me time and effort during my job search. Very helpful searching for all types of employment. "

Carl C.

Palmer, AK
"I do like the advise and articles that assist candidates while searching. They are extremely helpful. Thank you! "

Francine I.

Danbury, CT
"So far so good. I’m in the beginning stages of my job search. I look forward to the outcome of utilizing this site, and an opportunity to endorse a great tools..."

Tonya - So far so good!

"I got the perfect retiree ‘volunteer position’ assisting Veterans. Thanks "

Michael C.

Monterey, CA
"iHireHR is a great service. I found job opportunities that I didn't see on the other sites. I like the job fit rating system and the ability to go back and see where and when I'd applied. I will definitely use iHireHR again if I ever need to do a job search again. It was a great investment."

Lauren S.

Warrenton, VA
"Kept me in the know regarding openings. "

Riverside, CA
"I Found a job. Thank you !"

Alfonso V.

Arlington, TX
"I found a job as an elementary school substitute teacher"

Mark B.

Austin, TX
"iHireHR is an excellent website for those looking for HR work. I have an MBA and a PHR but I was in retail general management and having a difficulty transitioning to a full time HR career. The resume analysis tool helped me edit my skills in such a way as to get me past the ATS and into an interview with real people. Of course, like every hunt, not every interview got me an offer but when I did land my HR job it was a perfect fit between my skills and my new company's needs. Thank you iHireHR "

Chandelle W.

Alton, NH
"Great. Loved the regular updates as I was searching for my role. "


Munroe Falls, OH
"iHireHR confirmed an opportunity with a high tech company in the geographic area I was seeking and I am shifting into a new industry! Thank you!"

Michael C.

Monterey, CA
"I found my dream job right here on !!!! Was just received an offer of employment today and excepted. Perform a search and you just might find your dream job !!!! Thanks !!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻"

Tim F.

Lafayette, LA
"iHire was able to help filter through a lot of postings, so that I was able to key in and spend time focusing on the jobs where I had the best shot at getting someone's attention."

Benjamin P.

Marysville, CA
"Great service I was able to use narrow my search!!"

Barbara W.

Evanston, IL
"I would not have my job in HR today if it wasn't for you and your services. Your experience and knowledge in resume writing is beyond compare. Thank you so much, you've been a tremendous help! I will be forever grateful for all of your time and dedication. "

Britanee E. - HR Generalist

Alexandria, VA
"I applied and I was hired within 7 days! Best experience!"

Alexandria D.

Saint Johns, FL
"I received a great offer through an application from Target job search specific to my skill set was instrumental. "

Christina P.

Tallahassee, FL
"iHire helped me match my skills to the perfect job!"

Celine R.

Strongsville, OH
"The site sent jobs that were relevant to my search. It also helped me figure out what skills I needed to land the job I wanted. "

Vida S.

South Holland, IL
"iHireHR did a great job keeping me up to date of openings. Nice format!"


Harwich, MA
"iHireHR provided access to HR postings not available through other online sources. I applied to and was hired through a posting on iHire! Thanks!"


New Bedford, MA
"iHireHR showed me what jobs were in my area, which allowed me to get a better picture of the job environment."


Los Alamos, NM
"Enabled me to see HR jobs that other boards weren't posting."

Jeanette R.

Glenn Heights, TX
"I applied for 8 opportunities within a three week period and received 3 interviews. I accepted a great offer and have a new job after only one month! I am extremely happy with this service and the excellent resources offered."


Thomaston, GA
"I found iHireHR to be current and diverse in its postings of open jobs. The links to apply always worked! Customer Service has friendly and knowledgeable people for help with any questions. In today's market with so many choices for finding jobs, I highly recommend iHireHR to anyone seeking employment in that field."

Linda C.

Colorado Springs, CO
"I am very impressed with iHireHR. This website service kept a record of all the jobs I applied for which was very instrumental in completing my unemployment claim forms weekly. It also allowed me to keep an actual count of jobs I had applied to which was good mentally as one usually thinks they apply for many more jobs than they actually do, thereby helping me keep my sanity while searching. And third, this site is for HR Professionals and ultimately helped me secure my position. I am extremely grateful for the help I acquired through iHireHR and for their ultimate assistance in finding me full time employment in the areas that I was looking for as I did not want an hour and a half commute any longer. My sincere thanks!! - Charlene S., Human Resources Manager, Gaithersburg, MD"

Charlene S.

Brookeville, MD
"Great resource for job seekers. Thank you."

N P.

Fort Worth, TX
"Thank you iHire for so many great jobs sent my way and all the hard work you do! I have found employment and am happy to start a new chapter, best of luck to your team and your candidates. "

Melissa M.

Bristol, RI
"iHireHR is a great service. It helped me find my new job. The website is easy to use and provided a compiled list of all job postings. I also loved the rating scale!"

Susan D.

Brookfield, IL
"Thank you for helping me search for the perfect job, I was able to find it and get hired and I couldn't be happier !"

Janice Murphy

El Dorado, AR
"Very useful job posting information. I received 4 offers."

Robin P.

Chugiak, AK
"Your jobs were very helpful."


Houston, TX
"iHire is a great service. I found job opportunities that I didn't see on other sites. I like the job fit rating system and the ability to go back and see where and when I'd applied. I will definitely use iHire if I ever need to do a job search again. It was a great investment."

Kiata M.

Virginia Beach, VA
"It was nice to see all he HR jobs, some which are not advertised on other websites..."

Lordz - Perfect