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Rachael Adams

iHire has been instrumental in strengthening our HR operations as we’ve rapidly expanded from 30 to 75 employees. With the iHire HR Services and Consulting team's expertise in compliance, retention, training, and management, we’re confident in the structures we have in place as we continue to grow and navigate remote work.

Rachael Adams, Director of Administration

Betsy Larsen

We posted on for an HR Manager position, and received more results and better qualified candidates than we had with our other online postings.

Betsy Larsen
Fish & Associates, Inc.

Gary Smith

My search practice is national in scope (primarily Fortune 500's) and is focused entirely on HR. While my typical HR search is in the $120K-$200K base salary range, I still get many assignments from clients in the $60-100K range. For these assignments, I've used 7 times over the past 2 years. In all 7 searches, I have completed the assignment with a candidate responding to my iHire posting. I have found that for an assignment in this salary range iHire has the ability to deliver the same or better quality candidate as Monster--and with much less volume. In my opinion, here's why: My sense is that everyone--of all backgrounds and experience--views Monster and applies for jobs--in many cases without regard for how well matched they might be to the actual job spec. By contrast, 95%+ of those who have responded to my iHireHR postings are true HR professionals. For example, a typical Monster posting will generate 150-250 responses of which only 8-10 are suitable for follow-up. Whereas, a posting while producing only 30-50 responses will generate almost the same number of "qualifieds". Net: same results with a lot less time spent scanning resumes. In sum, has worked for me!

Gary Smith, Managing Partner
Smith, Scott & Associates

Dick Ayers

I had an assignment for a 6 figure HR Professional with specific experience - iHireHR referred over 200 candidates, many matching the requirements. The other impressive element about iHireHR was the candidate rating system and resume preview. iHireHR is a good source and I will use this site again.

Dick Ayers, Account Manager
Ayers & Associates, Inc.

Mary Ellen Jones

We find ads to be very reasonably priced. We are just waiting for the economy to pick up so we can have an excuse to use this job site again.

Mary Ellen Jones, President
MS Services, Ltd.

Carolyn Duncan

Our Anesthesia practice used ihire to advertise for a Personnel Director position. Our ad received responses from a number of very qualified candidates. The ihire process is easy, timely and the customer service is excellent. I have recommended ihire to other employees and also to people seeking employment.

Carolyn Duncan, Executive Assistant

Murray Leety

After placing my first advertisement on your site and successfully filling my client's urgent need for an HR Manager, I can say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of respondants and the format of the website. I will definitely use again.

Murray Leety, President

Howard Lawson III

The Caliber of candidate's that I received within 24 hours of posting my job was very impressive. I will be utilizing this service for all of my HR posting needs.

Howard Lawson III
The Helix Group

June Donelan

iHireHR is one of the best recruiting websites I have used. The screening questions are great for focusing time on candidates that are qualified for the position. The number of qualified candidates that we sourced through this site reflected good value.

June Donelan, HR Manager
Brown Printing Company

Idalia Castro

I had a great experience with iHireHR, we had utilized our resources as always with generic hiring websites but found that Using iHireHR gave us a concentrated pool of HR professionals, and we were able to fill our Generalist position, within the allotted Time. Thanks.

Idalia Castro, Senior Field Human Resources Manager
HMS Host

Larry Zebrak

The bottom line is that IHireHR has provided us with outstanding candidates to fill our positions. It is easy to use and moderately price. We will continue to use IHireHr.

Larry Zebrak