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7 Top Traits of a Human Resources Recruiter for Your Company

Human resources recruiters are the face of your organization. They have the vital role of hiring ideal candidates to fill your company’s open positions all year round. Therefore, finding the right HR candidate is key to your company’s ongoing success. A big part of human resources recruitment entails knowing the top traits that make an HR recruiter successful, and we’ve outlined what we believe are the top seven below.


Top-notch Communications Skills

Human resources recruitment for a company requires working with individuals, both internal and external to the organization, and as such, requires effective written and verbal communication skills. HR recruitment strategies include working with hiring managers and supervisors to create job postings and interview candidates, as well as working with third-party recruiting firms and candidates to fill open positions.

A human resources recruiter will also need to be knowledgable in hiring candidates of all levels, from how to hire a manager to hiring entry-level employees, which means understanding how to communicate with each.


Active Listening

In addition to being able to communicate, human resources recruitment requires actively listening to what hiring managers and candidates need. This is essential to identifying the right fit for open positions.


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The Ability to Build Relationships

At the heart of HR recruitment strategies is relationship building. HR hiring departments work with internal and external clients, and those relationships need to be stable and ongoing to continue recruiting successfully.


Knowledge of HR Recruitment Strategies

A successful recruiter will have in-depth knowledge about HR recruitment strategies and will be able to apply the right strategy to fill a particular position. The approach for how to hire a manager will look different than the approach to filling an entry-level position, for example.

Will a third-party recruiter need to be utilized? Which job boards are best to use? Or would a Boolean search be useful to find candidates? An experienced human resources recruiter should be able to answer these types of questions. 


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HR hiring requires reviewing up to hundreds of resumes a day, so efficiency is key. Recruiters need to be able to quickly and efficiently review resumes to weed out the not-so-good ones from the good ones. 



Integrity and honesty are essential traits for anyone representing your company. You want a candidate who uses honesty and integrity as part of his or her HR hiring practices. 


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Human resources recruiters have the challenging job of finding the perfect candidate to fill positions. Sometimes, those positions are hard to fill, and the recruiter has to keep going back to the drawing board to pursue more candidates. The role of an HR recruiter requires patience, tenacity, and perseverance to succeed.


Clarifying the traits required for your HR recruiter position will support all stages of the hiring process. For additional recruiting support, iHireHR is dedicating to connecting HR professionals and employers looking to hire. You can also find helpful tips and resources in our hiring advice library.

By iHire | February 19, 2020